• CPA Today - CPA network. We act as an intermediary between advertisers and affiliates, helping them to find and conclude mutually beneficial deals. The affiliate "delivers traffic" to the pages of the advertiser, and he, in his turn, pays for the actions of visitors: applications, subscriptions, purchases, etc.

  • The affiliate receives a reward for the actions of attracted visitors on the websites of the advertiser. Necessary target actions are fixed in the contract on an offer.

  • The amount varies from an offer to an offer, as its advertisers establish. You can find it on the detailed page of the offer. Also, the amount of reward can be affected by geolocation and the type of devices from which the targeted action is performed. In order to clarify these parameters, study GEO paragraph in offer.

  • Once your balance reaches $ 10, the affiliate can order the withdrawal.

  • Payments occur once a week, but trusted affiliates always have an advantage - they have payouts on demand.

  • We took care of the convenient withdrawal of money, so you can conduct transactions through Webmoney, ePayments and Yandex.Money systems.

  • By ‘lead’ you call a visitor to the site /page of the advertiser who performed the targeted action. By the way, the target action is called conversion.

  • We strongly do not recommend the use of motivated traffic, spam traffic, fraud and any other prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation.

    These types of traffic are not paid by the advertiser.

  • This is possible only if you have not carefully studied the requirements of the offer. It is necessary to ensure that the geo-affiliation of the attracted lead coincides with the terms of the promotional offer. Also, some advertisers specify a separate requirement for unwanted sources of traffic. For example, in one offer an advertiser does not want to receive traffic from e-mail newsletters, and in another - from social networks.

  • At the moment the affiliate program on our service is not provided.

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