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Target audience for any product. Low entry price. Growth of sales


How to start?

  • Register
  • Configure action
    tracking codes
  • Traffic arrives
    at the page
  • Users perform
    the targeted action
  • You are selling
    a product or service.

Tired of "losing" the advertising budget? Looking for buyers takes more and more time? CPA Today will become your marketing department, which will lead the business to prosperity. Once you have set up an affiliate program, you will reap a decent result daily. We independently manage the company and develop it. You only need to keep track of the results in your account.

Evaluate the benefits

  • Only you select the conversion quality criteria
  • Set any limit for ransom of applications
  • Transparent statistics, excluding fraud
  • Correction of your promotional materials, or development of a promo package
  • A variety of CPA models: pay for the action, pay for the lead, etc.
  • Technical support will save you from unnecessary formalities and will tune up everything by itself
  • Help in selecting affiliate for your affiliate program
  • Analysis and redistribution of traffic

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